"In the beginning, there was a worm. The worm crawled out upon a hill into the sun. Soon he was spotted by a bluejay and eaten."
- Flamebo Clarence

In my view, art is the sole reason to live. Everything I do should improve on its predecessors. This is so I can pull my bowstring farther and farther back in the mission to permanence. I am influenced muscially by The Beach Boys, Shinsei Kamattechan, Melvins, Country Teasers, Flipper, The Residents, and most importantly,
Limp Bizkit.
I enjoy a wide range of music but am particularly drawn to Sludge, Noise Rock, J-Pop, Outsider, and generally happy music. I am sure most people can agree with this sentiment but I particularly avoid calling music stupid in a material sense. Hence, my enjoyment of Limp Bizkit.

My favourite colour is Red, it is a very striking color to me and I feel it always sits a bit behind people's consciousness.

My favourite flower is the bleeding heart (Lamprocapnos). (Featured Below.)